Organ Donation Info 2016/2017

An interactive information system raising awareness for organ donation.


how it works

Context of Use
The Information system can be placed in several environments.
It is ideal to situate it in publicly accessible places or facilities like fairs which are well-frequented. It's also suitable for waiting rooms at doctors' offices or hospitals.

To catch a passer-by's attention, there's is a big eye-catcher on the screen showing numbers of statistics. People have to step closer in order to read the numbers' meaning.


Thematic Separation
All the important information on organ donation have been separated into four main categories. To receive information on one of those categories, one has to put the desired topic card onto the recognition area beneath the touchscreen.
The topics to choose from are the history of organ transplantation, donatable organs, the donation process and how to fill out a donation card.


History of Organ Transplantation
The most important historic events in organ transplantation are shown on a timeline. One can read more about specific happenings by tapping them.

Donatable Organs
Users can tap on one of the shown organs to get more information, facts and numbers about the organ and what it is donated for.

Donation Process
Playing a central role in eliminating misinformation, this part contains information on what happens when donating an organ after cerebral death. The information is divided into two parts on one timeline.
Left of the info-content are the steps a donor and on the right are the steps a recipient has to go through.

Donation Card
This part does not dictate people how to fill out their organ donation form. Instead, it shows them what choices they have and how easy it is to put them down on paper. Users are taken through a short illustrated survey which shows a custom filled-out donation card after being completed.