kapsule fx 2017 / 2018

a modular effect processor for musicians.

why it was made

Having a look at the current effect processor market there are basically two types of devices: Tabletop effect processors and effect pedals.
The restrictions are quite obvious — tabletop devices are nearly impossible to control while playing an instrument, especially while playing the guitar or bass guitar.
Effect Pedals, on the other hand, can easily be triggered by foot but it's very hard to alter the effect's parameters that way. In addition, they are often too clunky for tabletop use and have stiff controls.

how it works

The kapsule fx system relies on three main components.

Sound of e.g. an instrument runs through this component, is then being processed and finally output again. At the same time, it's the wireless bridge between the digital application and the Modules.

These are the magnetic wireless peripherals that are connected to the Base and control effect parameters that have been defined within the app.

The app is home to digital representations of the Modules as well as various effect processors. It can be seen as a configurator of what is happening inside the Base.
Within a three-step process, musicians select the desired effect processor by dragging its visual representation onto the grid, add the Modules they wish to use for certain effect parameters to it and finally digitally connect the effect processor to the in- and output.