emoji sonification 2017 / 2018

enhancing the effect of emojis in chats by adding specific auditive feedback.

why it was made

Emojis are probably the fastest way to express yourself and your feelings digitally. In order to enhance the feelings that are transmitted through smileys, auditive feedback has been created that could be used when sending or receiving messages that contain a smiley.

how it works

Each official Emoji has a category and sub-category to it that has been settled by the Unicode consortium.
The Smiley category contains the sub-categories face-neutral, face-positive, face-negative and face-sick, each of which received additional auditive feedback. 

how it was made

The sounds were generated within FL-Studio using the Alchemy Synthesizer Plugin.
Each sound consists of three notes that are played in a very short period. Furthermore a volume envelope had been added to imitate human voice changes.